4 Tips To Upgrade With The Right Equipment To Reduce Costs Of Pickup Truck Repairs And Maintenance

13 March 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


Pickup trucks rack up a lot of miles, which means wear and tear, and costly repairs. Therefore, you want to keep track of maintenance and take care of your truck to keep costs low. You may also choose to add equipment and upgrades to your truck that make your job easier, reduce wear and protect against damage. The following tips will help you choose the best upgrades and equipment to reduce the cost of maintaining your work truck:

1. Tonneau Covers to Reduce Engine Wear and Improve Fuel Efficiency

Pickup trucks are not the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the road because they are designed to be utility vehicles. The loss of fuel economy in a pickup comes from the open bed in the back and resistance as air hits wheel hubs and tailgates. To improve the efficiency of your truck, have a tonneau cover installed. Better fuel efficiency will also reduce wear of your engine and other parts, which leads to lower maintenance costs.

2. Beef Up Your Suspension to Reduce Tire Wear and Prevent Damage

Stock pickups often have standard suspension kits that are undersized and can be damaged easily. It is a good idea to invest in improvements to beef up your suspension, such as adding aftermarket springs and shocks, and installing heavy duty tire rods. Beefing up your suspension will prevent damage that can lead to excessive tire wear, and costly maintenance and repairs.

3. Protect Lights, Drive Train, and Cooling Systems with Skid Plates, Brush Guards, and Grill Inserts

Most pickups end up off the road and on the trail or being maneuvered into places with obstacles that can cause damage. Therefore, you want to make sure your truck is protected. To prevent lights from getting busted and damage to the paint, install brush guards. To protect the drive train from rocks and obstacles that your drive over, install skid plates. Lastly, you can protect the cooling system by installing grill inserts that prevent objects from puncturing the radiator.

4. Air Intakes, Exhaust and Tuning Upgrades for Affordable Power and Performance

To reduce wear and get more out of your truck, you may want to do improvements that add power and improve performance. Upgrades like installing a tuning chip or aftermarket air intake will help give your pickup more power. In addition, modern tuning chips can help you monitor performance, maintenance and improve efficiency to reduce wear.

These are some tips that will help reduce the costs of truck maintenance with the right equipment and parts. If you want to prevent wear and damage to keep your maintenance costs low, contact a truck equipment and parts service to get what you need for these improvements.