3 Steps to Dealing with a Stalled Truck in the Winter

19 April 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


As a truck driver, long hauls are no big deal. One thing that can become a big deal is a stalled truck. A stalled truck means that the load will be late and that your own schedule will be thrown off. Trucks stalling in the winter can be even harsher. Depending on where your truck has stalled, you will need to call in a mobile diesel repair service that works with your trucking company. Until the repair service comes by, here are some tips on keeping yourself and the load safe. 

Check out the temperature of the load

If you are carrying a load that needs to be at a specific temperature, a stalled truck can sometimes mean that the load isn't at the temperature that it needs to be. Go to the back of the truck and check the current temperature of the load. If the load needs to remain at a low temperature, cracking the door for the cold winter air to come in while you sit can keep the load cool.

If your load needs to remain at room temperature, keep the heater in the truck running. If the heater is no longer running, you should cover the items in the load with blankets and be sure to cover any cracks where the cold air can get into. 

Clear out and secure the truck

If the heater is working and you need to get inside of a building, you will need to clear out and secure the truck. The load and truck should remain secure so that no one is able to break in and no cargo can be damaged. Be sure to take your essential personal items with you, including your phone, identification, and any cash. If possible, remain in a location where you can see the truck so that you will be able to get out to the mechanic when they arrive, plus ensure the security of the load. 

Collect necessary paperwork from the mechanic

Once the mobile mechanic works on your truck engine, be sure to get the full detail of what has occurred. If the truck engine is having major problems, it may need to be dropped off and you get a new truck or engine repair directly after this load. In the event that you may need a new truck or engine from your company, you should get the necessary paperwork from the mechanic.

The mechanics report on your stalled truck should state how the stalling happened and what has occurred. A bill of health from the mechanic letting you know the diagnosis will help you to plan the future of your load and your schedule for the month. 

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